My cousin's wedding at Botanical Gardens, Burkill Hall.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Last sunday, our family skipped church because it was my cousin's wedding and we had to go to the tea ceremony in the morning, wearing my teal floral dress that i got from Melbourne at the Queen Victorian Market!

With mummy dearest! 

The wedding ceremony + reception was held at Botanical Gardens, Burkill Hall.
Which if you're familiar with botanical garden, is right smack in the middle and you have no way of driving in there because no matter which carpark you park at, you have to walk at least 20 mins (unless you brisk walk then maybe, maaaaybe 10 mins? But who the hell wants to do that when you're dressed nicely for a wedding and wearing heels?!)

Lol the worst thing is when we finally reached there, sweating and panting like a pig, then we realized that there's no aircon in the reception hall. Oh My God. I mean, if I am complaining about how far it is.. imagine at the older relatives and all :/

Hahah on our way back after the wedding we actually kinda lost our way and we took 30 mins to get back to my car.

Lol my dad very extra came and squeeze into the frame then don't want take a proper photo! Hahahah looking back at this photo i feel so very lucky to inherit my mummy's eyes and not my daddy's mimi eyes!!

It's been a loooong time since i saw my cousins toooo!

Hahaha my cousin's son (is that my nephew then?) is damn funny!! 

Here he's trying to get us all to KANPAI with him, awwww so cute! And he must must must have everybody raise their glasses and KANPAI!!! then he will go back to eating or doing whatever he's doing hahaha

Here i was laughing and snapping photos of him and he noticed i wasn't raising my glass so he was trying to get me to KANPAI! Awwww what are they feeding the kids these days, so cute!

OMG He even made my uncle (his grandpa) chug the entire bottle of beer by holding it to his mouth and forcing him to drink! Hahahah epic. Next time when he's all grown up and clubbing i assume he would be the one who will make everybody at the table go BOTTOMS UP!

He also took my camera and took many many selfies on his own btw! Like he totally aim + snapped the camera all by himself hahaha am i being too shocked or are kids nowadays all like this?

All he kept asking me to stick my head in so we can take a photo together too... Awwwww~

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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